Our Story

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Beautiful things

Beautiful patterns for inspiring spaces, botanical prints that are worn as bold badges of positivity and personal empowerment... this is the foundation of our mission - to bring color and joy into lives and homes everywhere and encourage people to be authentic and happy at every stage of their lives. We believe that this joy comes from being surrounded and adorned by reflections of nature's beauty that Mother Earth has given us.

Designer Katherine Kelly on beach

Meet the designer

Based in Cold Spring, NY, Katherine Kelly is a lifelong creative at heart and a self-taught surface pattern designer. You will often find her at home tending to her garden, and finding ways to grow pollinator habitats throughout her property in an effort to fight the decline in bee and butterfly populations. Most notably, she is inspired by her daughter Sofia's efforts to bring awareness to this cause through her Habitat Revival Club, which she has spearheaded at her school and throughout the Cold Spring community. Passionate about the beauty of nature, and the peace and serenity that it evokes, Katherine has developed a home decor and accessories line that honors our Mother Earth — ubiquitous and timeless, organic and abstract, perfect and imperfect, but most importantly, always authentic. Learn more in Katherine's Journal.

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The process

The process begins with a curiosity about a particular botanical species - how did it come to exist? Is it native or invasive? We have deep reverence for the natural world around us and we are greatly inspired by the delicate patterns that are often revealed in the ordinary. We look for a deeper level of beauty, and often it's in its simplicity... In the studio, surrounded by ink, watercolor paint and music, it all begins with a sketch - organic lines on the page, basic shapes and elements. Sometimes it comes together with just the ink, but sometimes the imperfections of the natural world are revealed through watercolors. Our printing and manufacturing partners then bring the palettes and patterns to life through ethically sourced fabrics and their artistry.

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