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Lola & Gaia is thrilled to embark on our latest endeavor - L&G Publishing, established to bring our appreciation for Mother Earth to children through the wonder of books. Meet Lola!

In this first book from the ADVENTURES WITH LOLA series, Journey to the Heart Flower Grove, Lola takes you on a journey through the forest with her friend Bella, the Butterfly. She gathers her forest friends, Benny the Bunny, Ollie the Owl, Lila the Ladybug and Tessa the Turtle, and asks them to join her on an adventure in search of the Heart Flower Grove. On the way, they discover the mystery of the forest and the beauty of nature as it reveals the true meaning of teamwork, friendship and love.

Available on Amazon in Kindle ebook and paperback formats. Enjoy this preview!

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Journey to the Heart Flower Grove

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