A tribute to Mother Earth through harmonious printed patterns for home, body, mind and spirit.

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Check out our new collection of clutches - pairs perfectly with the Lola & Gaia tote bag. Oversized profile, large interior with zippered closure and removable wrist strap. Heavy-duty cotton/linen blend. Ideal for on-the-go to hold those essentials... wallet, phone, keys and more!


Introducing GALLICA, also known as the French Rose, was originally found growing wild throughout central Asia. Rosa gallica was first cultivated by the Greeks and Romans and was especially popular in medieval gardens. Often called the “Queen of Flowers,” gallica roses are a timeless symbol of passionate love and beauty, desire, humility, purity, and are prized for their fragrance.


We’re facing two existential crises: climate change and rapid biodiversity loss. Reversing these crises requires protecting and sustainably managing our ocean, land and fresh water. Help save our most precious lands and waters at this critical time. Lola & Gaia will donate 1% of all profits to THE NATURE CONSERVANCY. You, too, can also make a difference by donating today.


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